Seize the opportunity to become the next franchise owner with ZeroMold!

The ZeroMold brand represents innovation and excellence in mold removal. We invite partners who share our vision of becoming the industry's most reliable provider and are committed to delivering top-tier service.

Our Core Commitment

Innovative Technology for Healthier Homes

ZeroMold stands out with its cutting-edge, eco-friendly cleaning technology, ensuring a safer and healthier environment for families and businesses alike.

Comprehensive Support System

We prioritize the success of our franchisees by offering extensive training, marketing support, and access to advanced technology, fostering growth, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Market Leadership with Purpose

As leaders in the mold remediation industry, we are committed to making a positive impact on communities by providing meaningful solutions for health and safety, backed by our proven business model and dedication to innovation.

Explore the Opportunity: Franchise with ZeroMold

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Increasing Market Needs

The mold remediation sector is experiencing growth, with many people in need of these services. This rising demand signifies a steady and enlarging market for franchise owners.

Emphasis on Health and Safety

Considering that approximately 25% of individuals are impacted by mold, your franchise will address a crucial demand for health and safety in both residential and commercial settings, rendering it a significant and fulfilling venture.

Innovative, Green Remedies

Achieve a robust annual recurring revenue of 76. Our customers are more than just one-time clients. With annual, bi-annual, quarterly, ZeroMold distinguishes itself with its dedication to safe, green remediation techniques, attracting a market of consumers who are both health-conscious and environmentally aware. monthly subscriptions, we ensure a steady, predictable income stream and foster close, long-term relationships that drive substantial cash flow.

Established Business Model

ZeroMold's proven model provides a pathway to success, blending cutting-edge methods with a robust brand reputation. Franchisees benefit from this well-established approach.

In-depth Training and Continuous Support

ZeroMold offers thorough training and consistent support, making sure franchisees have the necessary tools to offer top-notch services and successfully expand their business.

Leading the Market Through Innovation

ZeroMold stands out as an industry leader in mold remediation, providing franchisees the chance to align with a brand known for its reputation and innovative approach.

Economic Potential

The blend of an expanding market, a robust brand, and dedication to excellence sets franchisees up for significant financial achievement and opportunities for expansion.

Beneficial Effects on Community

Operating a ZeroMold franchise enables you to positively influence individuals' lives by fostering healthier living and working conditions, infusing your business pursuits with a sense of meaning.

The ZeroMOld Franchise Process

How do I get started?

Starting your journey as a ZeroMold franchise owner is thrilling and methodical, aimed at guaranteeing a seamless match between the franchisee and the brand. The process kicks off once you express your interest by submitting a request. An initial conversation follows, during which we explore your ambitions, expectations, and the prospects of a rewarding partnership. The next phase involves disclosure, offering you comprehensive details about our franchise structure to ensure you have a solid grasp of how we operate and what we anticipate.

The validation phase gives you a closer look at the ZeroMold journey, providing a glimpse into the daily workings and achievements of current franchisees. A key highlight of this phase is the chance to meet our staff and crew, allowing you to interact with our team, get a feel for our culture, and observe firsthand the support we offer our franchisees.

This systematic process guarantees that as a potential franchise owner, you are knowledgeable, assured, and prepared to begin a prosperous journey with ZeroMold. Starting your path to becoming a ZeroMold franchise owner is a thrilling and organized experience aimed at confirming an ideal match between the franchisee and the brand.

Submit your Request

Expressing your interest in joining the Zero Mould network.

Initial Call

We'll talk about your objectives, what you anticipate, and the possibility of creating a partnership that benefits both sides.


Our franchise model is thoroughly explained, offering a transparent view of how we operate and what we expect.


Enables a comprehensive exploration of the Zero Mould experience, providing a look into the daily activities and success stories of current franchisees.

Meet the Staff and Crew Members

This is a chance for you to connect with our team, get to know our culture, and witness how we assist our franchisees.

Franchise Launch

Once you're ready, we'll guide you through the process of launching your franchise and support you at every step to ensure a successful start with ZeroMold.

Your All-in-One Business Solution

Welcome to ZeroMold, a leading innovator in the mold remediation sector, presenting an outstanding franchise opportunity. With more than 35 years of experience, we have led the fight against mold problems, establishing new benchmarks through our inventive methods and advanced technology. Our reputation for dependability, safety, and efficiency has made us a trusted choice for homeowners and commercial entities.

ZeroMold excels in various mold removal services, employing our exclusive, environmentally safe products. These solutions, which are both non-toxic and eco-friendly, effectively address mold, whether it's in plain sight or hidden, providing a thorough clean without harsh chemicals. Our distinctive bio-static fogging approach and conventional mold eradication techniques guarantee that we leave no area untreated, eliminating mold, bacteria, and viruses. By joining the ZeroMold franchise family, you align with a brand dedicated to enhancing the health of living and working spaces, paving the way for a sustainable and lucrative venture.

The mold remediation industry.

The mold removal sector is experiencing fast growth, with projections indicating a substantial increase in the global mold remediation market in the near future. This surge is fueled by heightened awareness of indoor air quality and the health dangers mold poses. Around 25% of people are impacted by mold, underscoring the broad demand for efficient mold removal services. Investing in a franchise such as ZeroMold offers access to a profitable market with a strong demand for high-quality services.

Industry Standard:

Traditional remediation contractors often employ strong chemicals and demolish the entire structure, resulting in a mess for the homeowner to clean up.

  • Tearing down of the structure
  • Strong Chemicals
  • Increased expenses
  • Lacks air quality for the entire house

ZeroMold - A cleaner solution for a longer-lasting cleanliness:

Our innovative technology employs a biostatic nanofog designed to target and eradicate mold spores, guaranteeing a safe and healthy environment in your home.

  • Minimal Demolition
  • Free of Harsh Chemicals
  • Quick, One-Day Service
  • Exclusive Cleaning System
Zeromould technician.

The Investment

Franchise Fee

$ 49,500

Investment Range

$ 40,000 - $ 60,000



Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions before you join?

What is the investment range?
  • Franchise Fee: $49,500
  • Investment Range: $40,000 - $60,000
  • Royalty: 6%
What support services are provided to ZeroMold franchise owners?

You'll receive:

  • Extensive training in mold remediation and business operations
  • Marketing support with effective strategies and tools.
  • Access to advanced technology for streamlined business management.
  • A dedicated call center to manage customer inquiries and scheduling, allowing you to focus on providing top-notch service.
How do I get customers?

At ZeroMold, we provide our franchisees with marketing support and effective strategies to reach their target audience. Additionally, our reputable brand, commitment to quality, and innovative solutions help attract customers seeking reliable mold remediation services.

This advertisement does not constitute a franchise offering or the solicitation of an offer to buy a ZeroMold franchise which may be made only after your receipt of ZeroMold, which first must be registered with certain states. ZeroMold franchises are offered solely by means of the franchise disclosure document issued by ZeroMold. Certain states and foreign countries have laws governing the offer and sale of franchises. If you are registered in one of these states or foreign countries, ZeroMold will not offer you a franchise unless and until it has complied with all applicable legal requirements in your jurisdiction. Please consult with our franchise seller/broker for an updated list of jurisdictions where franchises can be sold.