Unlock the Unlimited Possibilities with a SaaviHome Franchise

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Making the decision to invest in a franchise can be challenging. You're faced with numerous options, from choosing the right industry to selecting the people you wish to collaborate with. Explore how a SaaviHome Franchise could fit into your life plan. Our success is directly tied to yours.

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The SaaviHome Story

Established in 2004, SaaviHome has expanded from its roots in home theater and audio to become a leading home automation provider. Over the years, we've dedicated ourselves to rigorously testing emerging technology solutions. Our growth has mirrored the evolution of technology itself. Our commitment lies in providing dependable, user-friendly technology solutions that address genuine needs.

Our team ethos is built on respect. We capitalize on the strengths of our team members, always aiming to serve our customers' best interests. In our franchise system, the needs of our franchisees take precedence. Built on a cornerstone of trust and transparency, our team collaborates effectively to meet shared objectives. It's our unwavering commitment to execution that sets us apart, consistently, day after day.

Our achievements in Denver, CO, reflect our sophisticated training and installation methods and our leadership team's skill in expanding businesses. At SaaviHome, we thrive when you thrive.

What Does Home Automation Entail?

Home automation, also known as smart home technology, leverages technology to control aspects of your home, such as lighting, heating, security, and appliances. It simplifies everyday tasks, enhances convenience, and boosts the safety of your living environment.

SaaviHome addresses technological issues. We assist our clients in feeling secure, entertained, and rejuvenated at home. This is achieved through the installation and maintenance of home technology solutions.

  • Audio and Video Systems
  • Automated Blinds and Shades
  • Security and Surveillance Systems
  • WiFi Networks
  • Lighting Control
  • Full Home Automation Systems

SaaviHome sets the industry standard with its franchise and business model.

'Research and Markets' forecasts that the home technology market will expand from $124.1 billion in 2020 to $190.61 billion by 2027, marking a 15.2% CAGR. As home automation gains popularity, there's a growing need for system design, choosing the right devices, integrating technology, and providing support services. With cutting-edge AI technologies revolutionizing both our personal and professional spheres, the opportunity to engage with the home technology industry is more appealing than ever.

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Explore the Unlimited Possibilities with a SaaviHome Franchise

SaaviHome operates as a franchise consisting of various home automation businesses. Our main office is located in Denver, CO, and our objective is to educate and support a nationwide network of expert integrators providing intelligent technology solutions for contemporary homes.

We aim to grow to 100 locations within five years by choosing people representing our core values and culture. We plan to give them the necessary skills to manage a home automation business, leveraging our vast industry knowledge and resources. We aim to deliver superior home automation services, make technology user-friendly, and prioritize our customers' needs.

We'll accomplish our objectives through relentless effort and always prioritizing our franchisees.

Investment Range: $161,600 to $274,100

Advantages of owning a SaaviHome Franchise

We understand. It's entirely up to you to pick the right franchise opportunity. Let's highlight what sets us apart. By choosing to be a SaaviHome franchise owner, you will gain access to:

Lowered risk

Franchising offers a less risky approach to entrepreneurship compared to starting from scratch. SaaviHome has completed the necessary business research and testing, allowing you to concentrate on business operations. Additionally, you will benefit from leveraging our established brand name and marketing strategy, which will aid in customer attraction.

Availability of resources

SaaviHome will offer its franchisees a range of resources, including training, marketing, supply chain management, and account support. These could help save time and money, giving franchisees the advantage they need to thrive.

Scaling economies

As a franchisee, you'll enjoy the advantages of economies of scale. This allows for bulk purchases of equipment and parts, leading to cost savings. Additionally, you'll leverage SaaviHome's strong bargaining position with suppliers.

Network of support

SaaviHome will offer our franchisees a support network consisting of industry experts. This encompasses our well-trained office staff as well as resources for advice, guidance, mentoring, and networking within the industry.

Chance for advancement

Franchising offers a chance to expand your business quickly without starting from zero. By utilizing SaaviHome's proven system and playbook, you can attract a more expansive audience and increase your income.

Enhanced likelihood of success

Franchise owners are more likely to succeed than solo ventures due to their franchisors' support, knowledge, and resources. Benefit from our lessons learned!

Greater Liberty

Although adhering to the franchisor's guidelines is necessary, owning a franchise offers more autonomy compared to being an employee at another company. You will have the liberty to make business decisions and set your working hours. Your time and lifestyle are invaluable assets. Seize control over how you use them and invest your efforts to fuel your success.

This experience can be incredibly fulfilling, particularly for self-driven people who enjoy taking charge. Flexibility and personal fulfillment rank among the top advantages of owning a business.

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Our 6-Step Talent Evaluation Process

Here's a summary of how we identify individuals who are the best match for our culture:

Complete the Form

Demonstrate that you meet the basic criteria for a franchise and are interested in learning more. Rest assured, no commitments are required at this stage, and your information remains confidential. Let's engage in a discussion to uncover the possibilities.

Initial Consultation

Arrange a call to discuss your life objectives and owning a SaaviHome franchise with our team. We aim to explore whether there's a mutual fit and alignment.

Overview of Business & Research

Conducting thorough due diligence is key to making informed decisions. Ensure you have all the necessary information before drawing conclusions. If you're eligible, allow us to assist in navigating this process, regardless of the required back and forth.

Exploration Day

Join us to experience our team and culture. Take a sneak peek behind the scenes to discover what sets SaaviHome apart.


You can make your final decision after you've been approved and fully understand our values and mission.


Begin your SaaviHome adventure!

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