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As a cost-reduction franchise, we focus on helping businesses save money. This perspective guides all our actions, including our approach to franchisees. We offer a very low initial investment, provide virtual training, and handle back-office staffing for you.

Your $59,500 investment offers significant advantages.

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Expert Support from Day One

As a P3CA franchisee, from day one, you'll have access to our team of industry experts. Their skills in identifying client savings power your cost-savings franchise. You can concentrate on business development while our back-office team handles the auditing.

Comprehensive Start-Up Training

Each franchisee completes our comprehensive training program led by our team of industry and auditing experts. Our seasoned instructors will guide you in mastering every operational and consulting responsibility. You'll also receive training on marketing your new business. Benefit from our decades of experience and insights from specialists across the utility, waste, merchant processing, uniform/linen, managed print, and telecom industries. Learn P3CA's proprietary marketing systems, how to build and maintain relationships with referral sources, how to manage your daily work schedule, and how to handle administrative and financial tasks. This intensive start-up training is designed to be thorough and rigorous.

Ongoing Coaching and Mentorship

After you have completed your initial training, you will be ready to competently launch your new expense reduction franchise. However, we don't expect you to be an expert right away. We view this initial training as just the foundation for your real learning journey. Once you graduate from the initial training, you'll enter our ongoing long-distance coaching and mentoring program. This includes scheduled phone consultations, email support, and recommended readings, all designed to help you progress from a novice to a rising star in your first few months of business.

Proven Marketing Assistance

Every savvy new business owner has one primary concern: "How will I get clients?" Our franchisees receive training in P3's proven marketing and sales strategies and gain access to our professional-grade marketing materials. We don't just tell you what to do; we explain why some tactics succeed while others fail. With nearly 30 years in the auditing industry, we know what works. One of the most appealing aspects of this industry for new business owners is our compelling value proposition, which means that clients have nothing to lose! We'll teach you how to approach decision-makers, understand what they seek in an auditing company, and provide you with the tools to establish and maintain these crucial relationships for the long term.

Data Management, Resources and Reporting

P3CA offers a comprehensive suite of software that streamlines all facets of your business life. From scheduling and customer profiles to marketing tracking and financial management, it provides everything you need.

Our highly customized database provides insights into the statistics and health of your cost reduction opportunities. It offers activity and revenue reports, tracks prospect outreach, and monitors current audit statuses, ensuring you have a comprehensive overview of your business at your fingertips.

We Help Businesses Save Money

Regardless of the organization's size, monthly recurring charges from vendors often contain errors and overcharges. As a P3 Cost Analysts franchise owner, you will assist businesses in recovering this money.

Uncover Hidden Savings with Industry Expertise

By analyzing your client's bills and leveraging our decades of industry experience, you will identify and uncover savings that clients didn't know they had.

Generate Significant Monthly Savings

Our work creates substantial ongoing savings and recovers past overcharges, resulting in vendor refunds and credits. This means significant financial improvements for your clients.

A Win-Win for Everyone

When we save your clients money, we share in those savings. This win-win model guarantees that both you and your clients benefit from your efforts.

Who are P3 Cost Analysts?

Our company ensures clients receive business services at the most competitive prices. We specialize in identifying and recovering costs from billing errors, overcharges, and outdated pricing, ultimately reducing expenses and enhancing efficiency.

As a franchisee, you'll leverage your skills, along with the training we provide, to engage with potential clients and offer our services on a risk-free, shared-savings basis.

Let's take a moment to consider this: you can offer a service that is genuinely risk-free. The client only pays when we identify savings for them. If there are no savings, there's no cost to the client.

Our team of auditing professionals leverages their network of relationships, deep industry knowledge, and extensive pricing databases to identify cost savings and continually monitor your clients' accounts.

Our cost reduction focus is on the following:

  • Waste
  • Recycling
  • Property Tax
  • Telecom
  • Utilities
  • Small Parcel Shipping
  • Uniforms & Linens
  • Merchant Processing
  • Managed Print
  • Equipment Maintenance Contracts
  • Vendor Payment Solutions
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At P3 Cost Analysts, we provide entrepreneurs with the chance to own a franchise in the thriving cost-reduction industry. Our franchisees utilize our proven system to help businesses cut their ongoing expenses and boost their profits.

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