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The Kidokinetics business model offers a robust framework for operating and expanding your franchise, all while making a positive impact on children's lives.

What to Expect

A Tested Strategy for Achieving Success

You'll be given an in-depth operations manual that embodies the essence of the Kidokinetics franchise. This excellent guide offers detailed insights into our policies, procedures, lesson plans, programs, and more, all presented in a structured, user-friendly format.

Complete Training and Support

Receive training and support in essential areas like unit operations and maintenance, customer service methods, product ordering, pricing recommendations, class ideas, administrative processes, and more. We ensure open lines of communication are always accessible via phone call or email.

Remote Work

By holding classes in local schools, parks, and community centers, you save on the high costs associated with renting and maintaining a separate facility. Following our Business System, you'll be in a great position to provide the positive experiences synonymous with Kidokinetics.

Operating a Purpose-Driven Children's Play Franchise

In the United States, the rate of obesity among children and adolescents has increased more than threefold since the 1970s. Statistics from 2015–2016 indicate that approximately 20% of school-aged children and adolescents between 6 and 19 years old in the United States are obese.

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A Tested Route to Achieving Business Success with a Fulfilling Mission

The Kidokinetics Business System offers a robust framework for managing and expanding your Kidokinetics franchise. By adhering to our proven methods and processes, you'll be well-placed to make a positive difference in the lives of those who participate in your program.

As a franchisee of Kidokinetics, you'll operate under our trademarked name and logo, symbols of our distinguished status in children's fitness. Additionally, we will supply you with marketing plans, strategies, and high-quality marketing materials for your utilization.

  • A business model with a proven track record of successful operation and growth over the past two decades.
  • Low franchise costs with starting investments of as little as $103,000.
  • Thorough training program for both franchise owners and their coaching teams.
  • Options for semi-absentee or active owner-operator models exist.
  • A business that is run from home without the risk of a lease or overhead costs.
  • High profitability.
  • A brand with a mission! Make a difference for the next generation and thrive by contributing positively.

Franchisee Testimonials

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some questions before you sign up?

What is the initial investment required to launch a Kidokinetics franchise?

Our entry cost is lower than most franchises, providing access to a vast, profitable, and underexplored market. The overall investment required to start a Kidokinetics franchise is approximately $103,000, which encompasses an initial franchise fee of $60,000 payable to the franchisor.

What is the earning potential for Kidokinetics franchise owners?

Investing in a Kidokinetics franchise is beneficial due to its low initial costs, various ownership options, minimal operating expenses, and high ROI potential. The flexibility of our franchise model means your earnings largely reflect your personal commitment and effort.

Is investing in a Kidokinetics franchise a wise choice?

Investing in a Kidokinetics franchise offers a lucrative opportunity to manage a business on your terms. Whether you're looking for a semi-absentee approach or wish to be fully involved as an owner-operator, Kidokinetics provides unparalleled flexibility and ROI. With a business model that has flourished over the past 20 years, our proven success playbook can help you establish a thriving business for many years ahead. Discover more about our franchise opportunities now!

What sets a Kidokinetics franchise apart from other children's sports franchise opportunities?

Investing in a Kidokinetics franchise means you get our tested roadmap to success, extensive training for coaches and staff, and the freedom to manage your business your way. Choose between a semi-absentee or owner-operator approach—either way, Kidokinetics franchises offer low overhead and high ROI. As a franchise owner, you benefit from our marketing plans, strategies, and materials, all designed by our internal marketing and graphic design team.

What steps are needed to start a franchise?

Starting a Kidokinetics franchise is straightforward. To find out more about how to open a franchise, please complete our form.

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